Industrial Ovens Collage


CDS Airtek’s range of bespoke industrial ovens can be configured to meet most standard / need – typically these include heat treatment ovens, batch ovens, drying ovens and curing ovens.


Our team of skilled industrial engineers have established an unrivalled international reputation for the production of energy efficient industrial oven systems to suite a range of industrial applications and industrial oven needs.


We manufacture custom to your specific requirement, these systems are designed to maximise production efficiency whilst maintaining the integrity of finished product.


Industrial Oven & Furnaces



ATEX & NADCAP RATED OVENS Drying Ovens  Curing Ovens
 Heat Treatment Ovens  Industrial Furnaces  Sheet Heating Ovens
 Rapid Quench Ovens  Drum Heating Ovens  Vacuum Ovens
 Hot Air Belt Ovens  Rotary Ovens  Bench Ovens of all sizes
 Tunnel Ovens Infra-red Ovens  Eco Ovens



Industrial Oven Feature & Benefits


  •      Temperature range from 40 – 1250°C
  •      Uniform temperature distribution typically +/-3°C
  •      High Efficiency Insulation
  •      Accurate temperature & humidity controls
  •      Uniform air distribution
  •      Reduced cycle times
  •      low noise levels <74 dBa
  •      Minimal running costs
  •      Built in heat recovery
  •      12 month warranty and CE documentation
  •      All ATEX and NADCAP standards can be met
  •      Dedicated PC-driven control system with HMI
  •      Chart recorders or ethernet output
  •      Choice of construction materials
  •      Suitable for all heating mediums


Cant find what you’re after?


CDS Airtek offer a comprehensive range of bespoke systems for most applications. These include:


Air Process Heaters Air Recirculation Oven
Box Ovens Catalytic Gas Oven
Centrifugal Dryers Combo Ovens & Booths
Overhead Conveyors Belt Conveyors
Push / Pull Conveyors Cubical Oven
De-embrittlement Ovens Electronic Infra Red Oven
Gas Fired Ovens Gas Fired Tank Heaters
Gas Radiant Ovens Long Wave Ovens
Medium Wave Ovens Short Wave ovens
Process Ovens Process Stoves
Radiant Ovens Shrink Wrap Ovens
Paint Curing Stoves Solvent Dryers
Stoving Ovens Side-Slot Ovens



Of course being bespoke Industrial Oven specialists, CDS Airtek have the expertise to design and build to your exact requirements, So contact us today to find out how we can help you…


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