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Industrial Furnaces


CDS Airteks bespoke furnace / Kiln range, including stress relieving kilns, Isothermal Annealing Furnaces and many other types are all custom designed and manufactured to meet our clients needs.


Specialist in heat treatment systems and other capital equipment, we have relevant niche experience to provide-tailor made technical solutions needed for a multitude of process and applications where high temperature and exacting conformity standards are needed.


Our industrial furnaces and kilns are designed and built with efficiency and quality at the forefront of everything we do. CDS Airtek aims to create products with maximised production capability and increased product quality for processed products. These furnaces / kilns can operate at temperatures between 700ºc and 1300ºc, sufficient for numerous applications such as hardening or chemical changes.  Each furnace can be designed with energy saving measures already integrated. For example heat recovery. Additionally, our range can be designed with reduced number of moving parts for reduced maintenance and ease of scalability.


CDS Airteks Industrial furnaces and kilns are available in many different heat sources, such as direct and indirect, arc, electric, combustion or gas. The atmosphere within the furnace can also be inert, vacuum, oxidising to name just a few.



  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Furnace
    • Industrial Furnace




Types of Furnaces / Kilns


  • Electrical Intermittent
  • Gas Fired Kilns
  • Carbon Fibre Recovery Kilns
  • Stress Relieving Kilns
  • Glass Slumping Kilns
  • Studio Kilns
  • Isothermal Annealing Furnaces
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Forging Furnaces
  • Lift-Off Cover Furnaces
  • Homogenising Furnaces
  • Rapid Heating Furnaces
  • Fire Testing Furnaces
  • Rotary Furnaces
  • Clean Room Furnaces
  • Debinding Furnaces
  • Crystal Growth Furnaces
  • Large Chamber Furnaces
  • Rotating Tube Furnaces
  • Salt Bath Furnaces
  • Split Tube Furnaces
  • Tensile Furnaces
  • Vacuum Tube Furnace


Options Available


  • Top Loading
  • Front Loading
  • Bottom Loading
  • Ashing Kilns
  • Box or Muffle
  • Tube
  • Bench / Cabinet
  • Belt
  • Continuous or Conveying
  • Pusher
  • Walk-in
  • Truck-in




  • Heat Treating
  • Quench
  • Annealing
  • Aging
  • Billet Preheat
  • Curing
  • Bake-out
  • Dry-off
  • Dry Heat Sterilisation and Granulation Drying
  • Burn-off
  • Firing or Sintering
  • Foundry or melting
  • Hot Pressing


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CDS Airtek has over 100 years combined experience in the production of industrial furnaces with a highly regarded reputation in both local and international markets.

For more information about CDS Airtek, or to request a free quote. Please contact us on the link below.



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