Drying Oven Systems

Airtek staff are long-established leaders in the design, manufacture and commissioning of Drying Oven systems. A diverse range of companies and a multitude of complex applications rely on our products to perform efficiently, every day …
Perhaps your technical requirements are similar to one of the listed applications or specifications? We are almost certain to understand your particular application and meet your needs, with our experience, design flexibility and innovation.

Drying Applications

Automotive battery plates
Mould drying
Paint & Coatings
Polymer sheets
Post-wash component drying
Pyrotechnics and explosives

Drying Oven Features

Batch or conveyor
Temperature range 40 to 750°C
Uniform temperature distribution +/- 3°C or better
High efficiency insulation
Accurate temperature and humidity control
Uniform air distribution
Reduced cycle times
Low noise levels < 74 dBa
Minimal running costs
1 Year Warranty and full CE Documentation


Drying Oven Specification Options

All heating media
Variable Temperature
Choice of construction materials
Multi-ramp, multi dwell controllers
Data Logging and Comms output
Atomized spray nozzles or
Steam humidification
ATEX / NADCAP compliance

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