Rapid Quench Ovens

Rapid Quench Ovens are among some of the solutions we have created for our clients. Airtek are able to produce a wide variety of size / type of oven systems and are interested in creating value added solutions to our client base. During our development into a leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke industrial ovens, dust extraction and other capital equipment we have gained the knowledge and experience needed to create a rapid quench oven that will meet and usually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Rapid Quench Ovens are able to quickly heat the contents of the oven to the optimum temperature before flooding the oven with water or cold air to ensure a fast cooling procedure.


Rapid Quench Oven Applications

Aluminium ageing
Burn-off ovens
Glass annealing
Metals ageing or annealing
Pre-heating processes
Spring annealing
Stress relieving


Rapid Quench Ovens Features

Individually controlled panels for temperature
Temperature range to 1250°C
Uniform temperature distribution +/-3°C or better
High efficiency insulation
Accurate temperature and humidity control
Uniform air distribution
Reduced cycle times
Low noise levels Minimal running costs
1 year warranty and full CE Documentation


Rapid Quench Oven Specification Options

All heating media
Temperature range 40 to 1250°C
Choice of construction materials
Multi-ramp, multi dwell controllers
Data Logging and Comms output
Atomized spray nozzles or steam humidification
Full ATEX / NADCAP compliance


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